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Wigga Poo's Soccer Team
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WIGGA POO'S SOCCER TEAM is a beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated children's book. It is an educational reading experience for both English and Spanish speaking children. In an adventurous and fun-filled fashion, the book helps to teach one important lesson --- we can get more accomplished when we work as a team. THE BOOK INCLUDES both a fully illustrated English and Spanish version under the same cover. With a simple 180 degree flip, the child can move from one version of the story to the other. This presents a unique and fun learning experience in multiple dimensions. The book is written for young boys and girls from age 5 through 9. WIGGA POO'S SOCCER TEAM is fun adventure and is geographically grounded in the Sonoran Desert of North American. This visually magnificent area spans large parts of the Southwestern United States in Arizona and California, and of Northwestern Mexico in Sonora, Baja California and Baja California Sur. The vibrant colored pencil illustrations distinctively bring to life each exciting scene. THIS UNIQUE AND COLORFUL BOOK IS DESIGNED to allow young children to use their imagination and enjoy the places that reading can take them. The book includes a 'Spy Me' page as well as coloring pages to engage both the child and the parent in fun-filled learning activities. THE AUTHOR, ANN ANOVITZ, lives in Tucson, Arizona. Ann is a Docent at Tohono Chul Park where she makes up her stories about the people, animals and plants of the Sonoran Desert to tell to children and grown-ups who visit the park. She publishes her children stories as a part of her Grandma Annie's Stories From The Garden(TM) series. This special series is comprised of a unique collection of colorful bilingual books for young children. THE ILLUSTRATOR, DAVE GRIMM, lives in Gilbert, Arizona. Dave's nationally recognized work includes the Mommy, Tell me a Story children's book series and a new children's book co-authored by his wife, Kristi Grimm, and Celebrity Chef and Global Diabetes Advocate, Charles Mattocks, titled Diabetes and Healthy Eating.

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